Post Surgical WEIGHT LOSS Testimonials

 Jennifer B.

Gastric Bypass


“Don’t sweat the small stuff. This applies not only to mistakes you make with food, but also the daily stuff that causes you to use food as a coping mechanisms. Jenny has been one of my keystones. Her non- judgmental attitude and realistic approach is very anxiety reducing. Jenny armed me with the tools of online food tracking and looking at the calories on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis and that was a real turning point in my weight loss. Since my weight loss, I have become a 'badass'. At the age of 46 I went surfing and zip lining. I drove across country by myself. I auditioned for a movie. I would have not done any of these things if I had not lost the weight. Historically I am not an adventurous person, however after years sitting on the sidelines, I find that I want to try new things more than ever."


Gastric Bypass

"A whole world opened up for me now that food wasn't at the center of my universe. My relationship with food changed completely. I actually had more time since I wasn't so concerned with where I was lunching! Jenny was the most knowledgeable, kind and understanding support and still is more than 2 years out. She checks in with me and I check in with her and I know I can tell her anything regarding nutritional support and maintenance and she is just right there with me. I have never felt alone or without answers. So much opened up for me, the least of which was the actual weight loss part! I was literally and figuratively 'weighed down' by my weight. I have a whole life now that I didn't know existed, and being skinny now is just a bonus!"




"Maintaining a significant weight loss is an ongoing battle and one that will continue for a lifetime. One of my biggest challenges is that my entire social life revolves around food (let’s meet for breakfast, want to go to lunch?, where shall we go for dinner?). My new mantra is 'It’s not the food, it’s the people.' That means I can enjoy what’s really important – the friendships – and not worry about passing on the hot fudge sundae. Jenny is a master at running support groups. She keeps the conversation lively and keeps everyone involved. She brings us fantastic tips to keep our healthy eating interesting, which is a very big deal. She gets important information across without being preachy and she genuinely cares about the success of everybody in the room. These groups are an integral part of my ongoing success. Very recently, when I complained about not losing 100% of the weight I wanted to lose, the doc asked, 'And when was the last time you kept your weight off for five years?' I replied, 'Well, let’s see...that would be...never.'”


Gastric Sleeve


“Motivation is what gets you started; it is habit that keeps it going. Jenny taught me the value of accountability and also showed me how to be healthy and efficient. Losing the weight saved my life!"