HMR Plan 2nd Best Diet for Weight Loss

The Health Management Resources (HMR) plan grabbed the second-place spot for weight loss. New to the rankings, HMR combines simple diet programs along with lifestyle education, coaching, and medical support to assist with weight loss.

Jennifer Arussi, a Los Angeles dietitian specializing in weight loss, reviewed the report but was not involved in the rankings.

She sees the pluses of some of the highly ranked plans. "What makes Weight Watchers and HMR such an effective approach is the accountability," she says, such as weigh-ins and showing up for meetings. Research has suggested that that accountability, with such activities as a group and one-on-one meetings, is what helps people lose weight and keep it off, she says.

But not all diet plans, even the highly ranked ones, work for everyone. For instance, she says that some of her clients who come to her for weight loss advice have found the Weight Watchers ''free'' concept -- that fruits and vegetables have no points -- does not work for some who have an unhealthy relationship to food.

The key, Arussi says, is to ask yourself honestly what has worked well for you in the past and why.

For experienced dieters, she has this caveat: "Recognize that successful, sustainable weight loss comes from practicing an established set of behaviors, not following a rigid diet."

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